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• State of the art sound & lighting & experienced DJs

• Massive music library + online access to one of the largest music libraries in the world!

• Prices start from £375 per night, scroll down for full details of our pricing structure

Request Line link gives your guests the chance for you and your guests to submit requests and dedications before the event!

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• Lighting, Sound & DJs
• Head DJ - Edd Williams
• Music for Commercial and Retail use
• Mix Tapes, Remix Service & Vinyl Digitalisation
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• Mobile Nightclub:
        DJ Supply

+44(0)7880 558504   |   enquiries@mobile-nightclub.com

• Martin Audio digitally controlled sound system

• Lasers, moving heads, scanners, strobes & much more!

• Award winning DJs

• Put your event in our experienced hands

+44(0)7880 558504   |   enquiries@mobile-nightclub.com

• >1,000 private events & has worked all across the globe at some fantastic clubs and venues supporting top DJs.

• Started in '96 at Hy's nightclub Norwich djing student nights. In '98 he moved to be resident DJ at 'Liquid nightclub'.

• Whilst at uni he was a supply DJ for Luminar Leisure doing sets across the UK and was a regular DJ the LCR.

• Resident DJ at Norwich's best nightclub, Optic ('01-'04).

• Friday night dance show on Radio Livewire (UEA) for 3 years

Mix Dr' on 'Vibe FM' (now Kiss), had the chance to DJ with Radio 1's Scott Mills, Chappers & Dave (twice, nice!)

• Edd does a 4 hr Saturday Night dance anthem request show on Park FM, it is a live mix with listeners texting in their requests.

Edd plays whatever is required to get the party jumping, he lets the crowd and his 15+ years of experience at over 1,000 private events guide him. He has an excellent reputation, one that you can rely on. 

+44(0)7880 558504   |   enquiries@mobile-nightclub.com

pubs, restaurants, offices, shops, warehouses, salons, gyms...
you need a license to play recorded music on your premises

• We supply carefully curated music for your target demographic; background music for shops, pre-mix sessions for bars.

• We provide commercial access to one of the most complete and up to date music libraries in the world, this subscription allows you to select your own playlists.

• We supply reliable hardware for single and multiple site installations that allows management of your music centrally via either the smartphone app or web portal.

+44(0)7880 558504   |   enquiries@mobile-nightclub.com

mix tapes

• We can turn your play list into a professional, continuous mix.

• Could be a list of your favourite tunes, songs from your wedding or that a special occasion, even a traditional mix set to play in your car or whilst working out.

• Prices start at £50 /hr

• All music supplied is either original works or copied under licence.

Depending on your intended use of the music supplied there may be further licences required, please ask for details.

originals  &  remixes!!!

Have an idea for a new tune or a remix, or if there is a song you love but can't stand a specific part or want to remix the song?
We can compose, mix or remix the idea or song! For example if you need a break to take longer or a shorter intro, we can loop, cut or manipulate sections, even speed up or slow down the tempo of the music to meet a particular workout routine without impacting the pitch (key) of the music.

+44(0)7880 558504   |   enquiries@mobile-nightclub.com

• Click here to read the full reviews & leave feedback.

+44(0)7880 558504   |   enquiries@mobile-nightclub.com

We offer:

          • supply DJs - DJ only service 

          • full disco packages - DJ, music, sound system, light show

          • event management services

          • remix, mix tape and commercial music supply & licensing.

     Our equipment supplied is fully certificated, PAT tested and insured.

     Scroll down for further details.

• If you manage a nightclub, agency, hotel or venue and have your own equipment or wish to source the equipment yourself, then we are always happy to come bring our decks and plug into the kit on site.

• We travel the whole of the UK, Europe and beyond to do gigs.

• If your DJ has called in sick or cannot make your event, rest assured that last minute bookings are always welcome, so just let us know and we will get on the road to you asap!

• Prices start at £375 per night excluding travel, accomodation and any reasonably incurred out of pocket expenses.

+44(0)7880 558504   |   enquiries@mobile-nightclub.com

          • click on the package name below to go to the detailed pricing page.


The above prices are quoted and assume that:

          • the standard packages are used with a play/live time of 7.30-midnight or 8 pm through to 12.30
venue is within 35 miles of our base
          • we can gain access to within 20-25 metres of the dance floor with our vehicle(s)
          • the dance floor is on the ground floor.

Setup and breakdown time significantly increases if there is more than 25 metres between van and setup area or stairs / lift to deal with simply because so much equipment has to be carried from the truck(s) to the dance floor, please ensure this is minimised where possible and you give us full details so that we can allow sufficient time to get the equipment in.

+44(0)7880 558504   |   enquiries@mobile-nightclub.com

Last minute bookings catered for when possible! If you have been let down by another DJ give us a call, we have many different set ups and several experienced DJs and will be happy to help if we can!

Email is by far the quickest way to get hold of us, leave a message and we will call you back. 
If you do call then please leave a message, we are often unable to answer the phone due to noise(!) or irregular sleeping patterns as we work nights, but we will respond as soon as possible.

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