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DJ Ardel Mafi
Superstar DJ - Ardel Mafi

DJ Ardell Mafi’s career began in 1998 at the budding age of 15, when the UK Garage and RnB scene was at it’s nationwide peak in nightclubs across the UK. The scene in Ibiza had been freshly discovered by the masses and the music scene across genres had never before seemed as fresh.

Inspired by the original sounds emerging from the London dance & garage scene and DJ’s & MC’s collaborating to produce some of the biggest nights across the city, Ardell’s ambition was to become a part of that scene and play to ever growing crowds to eventually become an established household name.

With this passion came the desire to gain as much experience early on and to begin by sharing these sounds with crowds, at what would be described as modest venues. From these humble beginnings grew a deeper passion and love for the scene and, as destiny would have it, he has moved on to be able to provide some of the biggest and best parties at some of the most breathtaking venues across London.

Ardell’s passion for music of varying genres has been noticed and consequently his unique talent of being able to indiscriminately select the tracks that make revelers throw their hands in the air has meant he has now been offered opportunities with Ministry of Sound and Hed Kandi across Europe and you will undoubtedly find his name on posters across Ibiza this coming summer.

Selecting tracks from anything including, funky, pop, house, electro and even the euphoric sounds of the trance scene combine to provide an energy unparalleled by many others.

Using a selection of acapella’s and samples helps mixes appear seamless and an impressive technical ability combines with the magnetism of Ardell’s lively, warm and energetic crowd interaction to provide clubbers with a clear party favourite every time.

Listen to Ardell Mafi's latest Mixes:  http://soundcloud.com/search?q%5Bfulltext%5D=mistermafi

Clubs Ardell has performed at 

Oceana                                         Bristol                                          Luminar Leisure

Oceana                                         Southampton                                Luminar Leisure

Oceana (Current)                        Kingston-upon-Thames               Luminar Leisure

Oceana                                         Wolverhampton                           Luminar Leisure

Oceana                                         Birmingham                                 Luminar Leisure

Oceana                                         Milton Keynes                              Luminar Leisure

Oceana                                         Nottingham                                  Luminar Leisure

Liquid                                            Gloucester                                   Luminar Leisure

Liquid                                            Ashford                                        Luminar Leisure

Liquid                                            Redhill                                          Luminar Leisure

Ikon/Diva                                      Coventry                                      Luminar Leisure

Hippodrome (Current)                 Kingston-Upon-Thames              Luminar Leisure

PoNaNa   (Current)                     Wimbledon                                   eclectic bars

Hed Kandi (Current)                    National Tours                             Ministry of Sound