WFC Soft Bags are manufactured to suit your specific requirements from the best materials available. All bags are custom designed to provide exactly the right level of protection against knocks and the weather. All WFC Soft Bags are made from 610g/m2 PVC coated polyester cloth with a 100g/m2 blue cotton lining, padded with 19mm thick flame retardent foam. All seams are fully stitched for long life. A free measuring service is available for items too large to ship to us.

The WFC Alu-Side Case
The WFC Alu-Side Case is the logical choice for casing presentation samples, tool kits or microphone systems. These cases are comprised of extruded aluminium sides with inset panels. Panels may be selected from the complete colour/material range providing the overall panel thickness does not exceed 7mm. Maximum internal height is 150mm. When fitted with a briefcase insert WFC Aluside Cases make robust and stylish briefcases.

The WFC Air Case

The WFC Air Case also utilises 7mm thick panels, but the use of case-maker enables cases significantly larger than the WFC Alu-Side Case to be fabricated. All conventional styles such as hinged, top-hat, or lift-off are available. Front or and/or rear lids may also be specified.
The exterior may be customised by choosing from the full list of available options.

The WFC Road Case
Road CaseUsed in many industriesThe WFC Road Case was developed primarily for the music industry but is now used in a wide varity of industries by companies wishing to transport large heavy items around the world safely.
Panel material is generally 10mm thick but in some instances may need to be as much as 13mm. Once again the full range of panel options may be used as can the extensive range of exterior customising options.

 The WFC Anti-Elements Case

Anti ElementsAnti Elements CaseThe WFC Anti-Elements Case is a development of the WFC Air and Road Cases. These provide the ultimate in environmental protection and are particularly recommended for marine or desert use.
These cases are fitted with double O-ring lid seals and all fittings are bedded onto neoprene gaskets providing considerable resistance to water and dust ingress.