PRICING page lays out all the different price options in more detail, but you will find guide prices beside the event pictures below. If you have any pictures from a party we've done for you please send them to us: email.

 The Mobile Superclub, Mobile Nightclub &

      Three Quarter Rig     

Many 'static' nightclubs cannot complete with the quality of sound and lighting on our largest setups.
The Superclub uses a 7m x 7m x 3m aluminium spaceframe to surround the dancefloor and adds an LED uplit console, 2 circular dancing podiums to cater for more crazy dancers and EVEN BIGGER, BETTER PARTIES! 
An amazing digitally controlled Martin Audio Wavefront soundsystem is used for these setups.
The Mobile Nightclub is smaller than the superclub so that it can fit into standard marquees.
Three Quarter Rig is a budget version of the Mobile Nightclub which does not comprimise on the quality of equipment, just comes with a less lighting and a smaller sound system.

These setups were born of madness and an obcession to be the best. 


                         Half Rig                          

Norwich High School - 6th Form Leavers Ball

Click on following link for more pictures: Other pictures

                      Quarter Rig                       

By far the most popular Setup, looks fantastic and is relatively compact so can squeeze into corners and still make a lasting impression.Click on following link for more pictures: Pictures

                       Budget Rig                       

Ideal for accompanying a band or for a smaller party with upto 50 guests. Good lighting and a nice sound system and of course a decent DJ! Prices start at £200 for a basic setup but usual charge is £275, depending on travel.

Above: setup 1 plus UV strip - £285 - Sprowston High Valentine Ball at Norwich Rugby Club.

Below: setup 1 plus 2 scanning lighting effects £315